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Posted by Al on 7/14/2015 10:54:00 AM.
TI Park


July 14, 2015

Thousand Island Park

In 1875 a Methodist minister, Rev. John Dayan founded a summer camp on Wellesley Island in the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River. Rev. Dayan envisioned a non-sectarian get-away with wholesome activities for families; a place of learning, recreation, entertainment and religious reflection similar to what was developing at the famous Chautauqua Institution in Western New York.

It was a time of rapid growth for the tourism industry and the Thousand Islands in particular. Rev. Dayan’s camp flourished and soon evolved into a vibrant summer community known as Thousand Island Park.

Over the years TI Park has had ups and downs. Times, tastes and economies change, all impacting the lovely summer spot for good or ill, but possibly no other factor has impacted TI Park more than fire. Several major blazes – in 1890, 1903, 1912 and 2014 – razed hotels, other business and many cottages.

But the private community survives, thanks to the perseverance of the Thousand Island Park Corporation and a subsidiary, the Thousand Island Park Foundation. The corporation website is at .

I always find a visit to TI Park to be a refreshing, relaxing experience. It literally is a step back to a quieter, slower paced time. You are surrounded by turn of the 20th Century architecture. It seems to lift the burdens of modern life from your shoulders.

Here are a couple pics I shot during a visit to TI Park on May 31st