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Officials set to hold another meeting regarding Watertown's so-called 'Hunger Games' $10 million state grant
Posted by news on 1/25/2018 4:18:00 AM.
More information regarding Watertown's so-called "Hunger Games" state grant will be given out tonight.
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Oswego could offer blueprint on how Watertown can spend state's $10 million grant
Posted by news on 12/18/2017 4:35:00 AM.
A trip south might have helped Watertown officials get a better idea on how to spend the state's $10 million grant.
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Have an idea on how Watertown should spend a $10 million state grant? You have until Friday to get your suggestion submitted
Posted by news on 12/14/2017 5:20:00 AM.
Time is running out to offer suggestions on how the city of Watertown should spend its $10 million state grant.
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Potentially major changes to Public Square in Watertown to be discussed today
Posted by news on 12/12/2017 4:32:00 AM.
Business owners and Watertown city officials are set to meet today regarding the future of Public Square.
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'Hunger Games' money to be discussed again in Watertown today
Posted by news on 11/16/2017 3:53:00 AM.
State officials will be in Watertown today to further discuss ways to spend a $10 million state grant.
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Watertown picked as winner of $10 mill: now what?
Posted by news on 10/5/2017 4:50:00 AM.
In a wide-ranging speech that even touched on a preceived "upstate-downstate divide," Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Watertown was the winner of $10 million.
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Gov. Cuomo's office cancels 'major announcement' in Watertown
Posted by news on 9/29/2017 4:25:00 AM.
Did the city of Watertown win the so-called Hunger Games put on by New York state?
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Watertown will find out if it won this year's 'Hunger Games' soon
Posted by news on 9/27/2017 4:48:00 AM.
The city of Watertown lost out last summer, but it should soon find out if it's a big winner this time around.
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