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Watertown officials set to review first month of 'Landlord Law'
Posted by news on 2/14/2018 4:32:00 AM.
The Housing Committee in the city of Watertown is set to meet today, and on the agenda is an update on rental registry.
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Zero property owners have signed up for 'Landlord Law' so far
Posted by news on 1/5/2018 4:20:00 AM.
A few days after the so-called "Landlord Law" went into effect in the city of Watertown, exactly zero landlords had signed on to the program.
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New year means 'Landlord Law' no in effect in city of Watertown
Posted by news on 1/2/2018 4:20:00 AM.
The new year means the so-called "Landlord Law" is now in effect in the city of Watertown.
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Slimmed down 'Landlord Law' approved by lawmakers in Watertown
Posted by news on 10/4/2016 5:33:00 AM.
 With a vote of four to one, lawmakers in the city of Watertown approved a slimmed down "Landlord Law" on Monday night.
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'Landlord Law' back on Watertown City Council's agenda
Posted by news on 10/3/2016 4:39:00 AM.
Another revised edition of the so-called "Landlord Law" will likely be discussed by members of the Watertown City Council. Councilman Stephen Jennings is pushing the law that would require stricter guidelines for rental properties within the city.

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Proposed 'Landlord Law' draws big crowd in Watertown
Posted by news on 9/20/2016 4:55:00 AM.
Over 80 people showed up at City Hall in Watertown last night for a public hearing to discuss a so-called proposed "Landlord Law."

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'Landlord Law' public hearing set for tonight in Watertown
Posted by news on 9/19/2016 4:47:00 AM.
A bigger crowd than normal is expected for tonight's Watertown City Council meeting. That's because residents are invited to discuss a proposed "landlord law" during a public hearing set for 7:30 at City Hall.

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'Landlord Law' proposal moves forward in Watertown
Posted by news on 8/16/2016 4:52:00 AM.
With a four-to-one vote by Watertown City Council, there will be a public hearing to explore a proposed law calling for landlords to register their properties with the city.
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