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Sudden storm slams North Country
Posted by news on 2/27/2017 4:37:00 AM.
As temperatures dropped about twenty degrees throughout the area Saturday afternoon, a series of violent storms swept through the region.

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Police: Lake Placid man shoved teen into wall following hockey game, causing a concussion
Posted by news on 12/23/2016 5:23:00 AM.
A sixty-four-year-old Lake Placid man allegedly shoved a 13-year-old hockey player into a wall following a youth hockey game in St. Lawrence County earlier this month.

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Missing North Country woman found alive
Posted by news on 3/8/2016 9:01:00 AM.
State Police called off the search for a missing North Country woman yesterday morning.

Taylor McCabe, Lake Placid, New York State Police

Hiker found dead in Adirondacks
Posted by news on 3/8/2016 9:00:00 AM.

A hiker climbing in the Adirondacks was found dead near the summit of a mountain last weekend. Hua Davis of Delaware reportedly went out for a hike on her own Friday. When she failed to show up for a hike with a group the next day, State Forest Rangers started a search. Davis' body was spotted toward the top of MacNaughton Mountain, which is about 4,000 feet high and located just past Lake Placid. An autopsy revealed that Davis died of hypothermia due to exposure to temperatures that were below zero early Saturday morning.

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