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State Officials Receive Briefing On Lowville Water
Posted by news on 8/16/2017 5:36:00 AM.

State Senator Joe Griffo says he and Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush received a briefing from Lewis County officials Monday about Lowville's water problems.

Lowville, Kraft-Heinz, Water

Lowville Man Charged With Failure To Register
Posted by news on 8/11/2017 5:41:00 AM.

A 28 year old Lowville man was charged by Lewis County sheriff's deputies with failing to report a Facebook account while being a registered sex offender.

Lowville, Lewis County Sheriff, Sex Offender

Kraft-Heinz Uses Over Half Of Village's Water Supply
Posted by news on 8/10/2017 5:44:00 AM.

Kraft Heinz in Lowville just started making string cheese and that's making for problems for the village's water supply.

Kraft-Heinz, Lowville, Water

Lowville Issues Mandatory Order To Conserve Water
Posted by news on 8/9/2017 5:38:00 AM.

The village of Lowville has issued a notice for residents to conserve water.

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Visit to McDonald's in Lowville leads to charges for Star Lake man
Posted by news on 8/4/2017 4:26:00 AM.
A Star Lake man is facing a criminal charge after allegedly going to the place of employment where a woman working there had an order of protection out against him.

Star Lake, Lowville, McDonald's, order of protection

From the Department of 'No Duh:' April through July brought area record rainfall amounts
Posted by news on 8/1/2017 4:27:00 AM.
More rain fell in Lewis County in the last four months than had in over a half century.

rainfall, north country, Lowville, Watertown, Massena

Too much rain leads to water troubles in Lewis County
Posted by news on 7/28/2017 4:27:00 AM.
It was a common advisory during last summer's drought, but hasn't been much of a problem in the soggy summer of 2017.

Lowville, water, rainfall

Charlie Daniels to hit the Lewis County Fair stage tonight
Posted by news on 7/21/2017 3:42:00 AM.
There are just two more days in this year's Lewis County Fair, and the headliner of the entire event in Lowville hits the stage later tonight.

Charlie Daniels, Lewis County Fair, Lowville

Fair in Lowville continues Thursday
Posted by news on 7/20/2017 4:39:00 AM.
It's day three of the Lewis County Fair in Lowville.

Lewis County Fair, Lowville,

Fair in Lowville continues Wednesday
Posted by news on 7/19/2017 3:36:00 AM.
The Lewis County Fair continues today in Lowville.
Lewis County Fair, Lowville, NY

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