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Police: Watertown woman hit woman holding baby
Posted by news on 10/20/2017 4:30:00 AM.
A Watertown woman is in trouble with the law for allegedly punching another woman who was holding a baby.
Watertown, woman, punch, baby

St. Lawrence County couple left baby in car so they could drink in bar
Posted by news on 8/2/2017 4:30:00 AM.
A St. Lawrence County couple allegedly left a child inside a car to go boozing at a bar.

Waddington, St. Lawrence County, baby, bar, drinking

Teen who burned baby with boiling water will face grand jury
Posted by news on 4/19/2017 4:43:00 AM.
The Jefferson County teen accused of burning a two-year old by pouring boiling water on him will now be subject to a grand jury according to 7 News.

Carthage, Watertown, New York, teen, baby, burned, boiling water

2-Year-Old Scaled With Boiling Water By Mother's Boyfriend
Posted by news on 4/15/2017 8:41:00 AM.
A Carthage man is behind bars after allegedly scalding a two year old boy with boiling water.
Carthage, Watertown, Baby, Scalded

Man accused of killing girlfriend's baby pleads guilty
Posted by news on 3/31/2017 4:29:00 AM.
The Jefferson County man accused of killing his girlfriend's six-week-old child pleaded guilty to a lesser charge Thursday.
Jefferson County, New York, Philadelphia, baby, manslaughter

Baby allegedly falls from second-story window of Watertown apartment
Posted by news on 8/8/2016 4:53:00 AM.
It was a scary call for firefighters to get in the city of Watertown this past weekend. A 2-year-old girl is said to have fallen about 30 feet from a second-story window at the Hycliff Drive apartment complex Saturday.

Watertown, NY, baby, window

First Baby Born In NYC With Zika-Related Birth Defect
Posted by news on 7/23/2016 8:05:00 AM.

The first baby with a Zika-related birth defect is born in New York City.

Zika, Baby, New York City