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Lawmakers unanimously pass Jefferson County's 2018 budget
Posted by news on 11/16/2017 3:48:00 AM.
With an unanimous vote, the 2018 Jefferson County budget was passed by lawmakers earlier this week.
Jefferson County, budget, passes

Proposed St. Lawrence County budget could slightly lower property taxes
Posted by news on 11/8/2017 4:06:00 AM.
The budget for the next year is set for St. Lawrence County.
St. Lawrence County, budget, property taxes

Lewis County Manager warns lawmakers about upcoming budget
Posted by news on 10/30/2017 4:36:00 AM.
New on the job, Lewis County's Manager had a warning for lawmakers: prepare for a tighter budget this coming year.
Lewis County, manager, budget

Rep. Stefanik doesn't vote for Trump budget
Posted by news on 10/27/2017 4:30:00 AM.
The North Country's Congresswoman voted against a President Donald Trump-pushed budget Thursday.
Rep. Elise Stefanik, President Donald Trump, budget, tax plan

Ogdensburg to reinstate debris-pick-up program, despite its cost
Posted by news on 6/28/2017 4:39:00 AM.
Despite its credit rating being lowered and having to borrow $2 million, the city of Ogdensburg has decided to reinstate a program that was originally cut due to an ongoing budget crunch.

City of Ogdensburg, debris pickup, budget

Ogdensburg's credit rating lowered due to budget issues
Posted by news on 6/22/2017 4:34:00 AM.
Cash-strapped Ogdensburg has already been dealing with budget issues and now its credit rating has been dropped by two points.

Ogdensburg, New York, credit rating, budget

Despite Walczyk's questions, Watertown City Council votes for budget
Posted by news on 6/6/2017 4:36:00 AM.
Telling us, "the taxpayers of Watertown would have benefited from my questions and observations," Councilman Mark Walczyk voted against the latest city of Watertown budget Monday night.

Watertown, New York, City Council, budget

Watertown lawmakers set to vote on budget tonight
Posted by news on 6/5/2017 4:27:00 AM.
The latest proposed budget will likely be adopted by lawmakers tonight in the city of Watertown.

City Council, Watertown, New York, budget

Watertown city lawmakers agree on budget; pool at Thompson Park remains closed
Posted by news on 5/23/2017 4:24:00 AM.
There will not be any money going to the closed off pool at Thompson Park in Watertown, but the lawmakers decided to include $55,000 for the struggling zoo in the latest city budget.

Watertown, New York, Thompson Park pool, New York State Zoo at Thompson Park, City Council, budget

Last budget meeting set for Watertown lawmakers
Posted by news on 5/22/2017 4:39:00 AM.
Tonight is the last scheduled session to discuss the latest budget for lawmakers in Watertown.

Watertown, New York, budget, City Council

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