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St. Lawrence County couple facing charges following wild domestic dispute
Posted by news on 8/29/2017 4:26:00 AM.
Two Lewis County residents were arrested following a domestic dispute late last week.

St. Lawrence County, domestic dispute

Watertown man accused of slapping plate out of woman's hand
Posted by news on 8/4/2017 4:25:00 AM.
A Watertown man is facing criminal charges after slapping a ceramic plate out of the hands of a woman who had an order of protection against him.

Watertown, domestic dispute, ceramic plate

Watertown Police: Man lied to 911 dispatcher, slapped girlfriend
Posted by news on 7/21/2017 4:23:00 AM.
A Watertown man is accused of lying when he called 911 to report that his girlfriend was chasing him with a knife.

Watertown, domestic dispute

Alex Bay man allegedly chucked a cheeseburger and soda at woman
Posted by news on 6/20/2017 4:34:00 AM.
An Alexandria Bay man is accused of chucking a cheeseburger at a woman, and dumping a Diet Coke on her during a domestic dispute last weekend.

Alex Bay, Watertown, New York, cheeseburger, domestic dispute

Dexter man allegedly injures another man during domestic dispute
Posted by news on 6/6/2017 4:29:00 AM.
Police say a man with a knife injured another man during a domestic dispute in Dexter.

Dexter, New York, domestic dispute, knife

Watertown man accused of breaking glass door during domestic dispute
Posted by news on 6/1/2017 4:27:00 AM.
A Lewis County man allegedly broke a glass door by slamming it and also broke a railing inside his Lowville residence during a domestic dispute.

domestic dispute, Watertown, New York

Theresa man accused of breaking windows on a vehicle
Posted by news on 5/5/2017 4:27:00 AM.
Allegedly breaking a couple of windows of a car led to a felony charge for a Jefferson County man.

Theresa, New York, domestic dispute

Police: Man broke computer during domestic dispute
Posted by news on 5/5/2017 4:26:00 AM.
A Jefferson County man has been charged with a felony after he allegedly damaged a computer monitor and keyboard.

Pamelia, New York, domestic dispute

Watertown man arrested for stalking ex-girlfriend
Posted by news on 4/27/2017 4:00:00 AM.
A Watertown man was arrested after refusing to leave the apartment building of his ex-girlfriend Monday night.

Watertown, New York, stalking, domestic dispute

Watertown man allegedly dislocated finger of woman who was calling 9-1-1
Posted by news on 4/11/2017 4:29:00 AM.
A Watertown man is accused of dislocating the finger of a woman who was trying to call 9-1-1 during a domestic dispute.

Watertown, New York, domestic dispute, dislocated finger

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