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Watertown man facing felony charge after cashing check belonging to business
Posted by news on 1/25/2018 4:08:00 AM.
A Watertown man has been charged with a felony after being accused of cashing a check that belonged to a business.
Jesse Holder, check, felony

Watertown man facing felony after allegedly taking extension cord
Posted by news on 10/19/2017 4:22:00 AM.
A Watertown man is facing a felony charge after allegely trying to take extension cord from a hallway of an apartment complex.
Watertown, felony, extension cord

Watertown man allegedly fudged background check while trying to buy a gun
Posted by news on 6/14/2017 4:33:00 AM.
A Watertown man is accused of fudging a background check while trying to buy a gun at Herb Phillipson's earlier this year.

Watertown, New York, background check, felony

Teen charged with felony after taking cell phone
Posted by news on 2/21/2017 4:35:00 AM.
A teen from Carthage was charged with a felony after allegedly taking a phone from a woman over the weekend.

Carthage, cell phone, felony

Watertown teen facing felony charge for shooting window with pellet gun
Posted by news on 12/7/2016 4:29:00 AM.
A Watertown teen is accused of shooting out a glass window, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

Watertown, New York, pellet gun, teen, felony, window

Alex Bay woman allegedly drove drunk in a "interlock device" car
Posted by news on 8/1/2016 4:41:00 AM.
An Alexandria Bay woman has been charged with felony aggravated driving while intoxicated and several other charges after being stopped in the city of Watertown this past weekend.

DWI, felony, interlock device

Watertown Man Faces Felony Charge After Grabbing Woman By Throat
Posted by news on 6/25/2016 7:44:00 AM.

A Watertown man was sent to the gray bar motel after allegedly grabbing a woman by her throat Thursday night.

Watertown, Domestic, Throat, Felony