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Officials will be in Jefferson County today to help residents dealing with flooding
Posted by news on 5/24/2017 4:32:00 AM.
For the second time in a week, state officials will be in Jefferson County today to help residents along Lake Ontario looking to file insurance claims.

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State to send $10 million to help with flooding issues in area
Posted by news on 5/23/2017 4:26:00 AM.

Some financial relief has been set aside for communities dealing with high waters along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

The state is making $10 million available for recovery efforts such as repairing roads, sidewalks, certain infrastrucutre and flood walls.

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Plea Continues For More Volunteers
Posted by news on 5/20/2017 6:12:00 AM.

A plea continues to get as many people as possible to the Chaumont Fire Hall to fill sandbags, to create a surplus and then give the burned out volunteers a break over the weekend.

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Gov. Cuomo not asking for federal help to deal with flooding, for now
Posted by news on 5/19/2017 4:40:00 AM.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's office says New York can't ask for federal aid to help out with damage caused by rising Lake Ontario water levels, yet.

Lake Ontario is reportedly at its highest recorded level in over a century and may rise another five inches in the next month. And with that, flooding is expected to continue to damage shorefront properties and communities in the near future.

A spokesperson for the governor, however, says that there needs to be about $28 million in damage before a request for federal aid would even be entertained.

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More help coming to areas of Jefferson County dealing with flooding
Posted by news on 5/18/2017 4:42:00 AM.
Another day, another plea from North Country officials dealing with flooding.

Lake Ontario, Jefferson County, flooding, Chaumont, New York

Lake Ontario reaches water level not seen in nearly 100 years
Posted by news on 5/16/2017 4:42:00 AM.
The water level at Lake Ontario is higher than it's been in about a century.
Lake Ontario, New York, flooding, water levels, record

Lake Ontario To Break Water Level Record
Posted by news on 5/13/2017 8:41:00 AM.
High water levels across the region continue to cause flooding issues for home and business owners, and it appears that matters will be getting worse before they get better.
Lake Ontario, Flooding, Water Levels

Lake Ontario at record high water levels; flooding issues continue
Posted by news on 5/12/2017 4:52:00 AM.
Given the fact that four trillion gallons of rain water has flowed through it in the last six weeks, it comes as little surprise that Lake Ontario water levels have reached a record.

Lake Ontario, record, water levels, flooding, road closures

Water levels continuing to rise
Posted by news on 5/9/2017 4:49:00 AM.
Water level remain an issue for residents in the tri-county area and they're also creating big problems for residents north of the border.

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Storms Monday, potential flooding Tuesday in the North Country
Posted by news on 5/2/2017 4:47:00 AM.
A lake-shore flood warning kicks in later this afternoon for both Jefferson and Oswego counties.

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