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Gov. Cuomo touting his 'paid family leave' policy weeks before it kicks in
Posted by news on 12/20/2017 4:13:00 AM.
Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state's new paid family leave policy will be the strongest in the nation.
Governor Andrew Cuomo, paid family leave

'Paid Family Leave' program starts in January in New York
Posted by news on 7/20/2017 4:40:00 AM.
New York's paid family leave program starts in January.

Paid family leave, New York

Chobani giving paid family leave for mothers and fathers
Posted by news on 10/7/2016 4:46:00 AM.
New York-based yogurt maker Chobani is offering paid family leave for both mothers and fathers.

Chobani, yogurt, New York, paid family leave

Cuomo continues paid family leave plan push
Posted by news on 3/11/2016 9:03:00 AM.
Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to push his paid family leave plan. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined Cuomo at rally yesterday at a YMCA down in New York City.
Governor Andrew Cuomo, Paid Family Leave

Governor Cuomo touting Paid Family Leave act
Posted by news on 2/23/2016 9:06:00 AM.
Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushed his paid family leave proposal down state Monday. Cuomo is calling for 12 weeks of paid family leave for those having a baby or caring for a sick family member.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, Paid Family Leave, New York