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Syracuse Catholic Church leaders won't ID accused priests; will Ogdensburg Diocese do the same?
Posted by news on 3/28/2018 4:17:00 AM.
The Diocese of Syracuse isn't following Buffalo Catholic leaders who identified priests accused of sexual abuse.
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Buffalo Diocese to release all names of accused priests, will Ogdensburg Diocese do the same?
Posted by news on 3/20/2018 5:21:00 AM.
Will the Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg follow in the footsteps of church leaders in western New York?
Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg, Buffalo Diocese, sexual assault, accusations, priests

Law firm representing victims calls on Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg to release names of all priests accused of sexual abuse
Posted by news on 3/15/2018 4:15:00 AM.
The Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg knew of "credible allegations of sexual misconduct against 23 individual priests," but has only released eight of the names involved.
Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg, sexual abuse, priests

Press conference set to reveal details on eight previously accused priests from Diocese of Ogdensburg to be released today
Posted by news on 3/14/2018 4:41:00 AM.
Details on eight priests from the Diocese of Ogdensburg accused of sexual offenses against children are expected to be released today.
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North Country Catholic Churches about to undergo updates
Posted by news on 6/19/2017 4:39:00 AM.
As a major fundraising effort designed to renovate churches throughout the North County gets underway, the need for leaders is growing.

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