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Uber preping to set up shop in the north country
Posted by news on 4/14/2017 4:42:00 AM.
After lawmakers agreed to permit ride-sharing services to operate in upstate New York, one of the more popular companies is preparing to come to the area.

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State budget doesn't include ban on e-cigs
Posted by news on 4/12/2017 4:16:00 AM.
Anti-smoking activists are outraged that the recently passed New York state budget doesn't include a ban on the indoor use of electronic cigarettes.

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State budget passed, ride-sharing, tuition elimination and more included
Posted by news on 4/10/2017 4:37:00 AM.
College tuition for qualified SUNY and CUNY college students has been eliminated under the latest state budget. Lawmakers agreed on the $153 billion spending plan over the weekend.

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Lawmakers still debating state budget
Posted by news on 4/6/2017 4:20:00 AM.
State lawmakers are still debating the next budget. They are reportedly close to agreeing on a $152 billion spending plan that would keep taxes flat, and potentially give more than $1 billion in funding for education. Although, legislators are scheduled to debate some more before possibly voting later today.

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Leaders close to agreement on state budget
Posted by news on 3/31/2016 5:26:00 AM.
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislative leaders are reportedly close to a budget agreement that would increase the minimum wage on different schedules for upstate and down state.

New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, state budget, minimum wage

Minimum Wage Vigil At State Capitol
Posted by news on 3/28/2016 9:05:00 AM.
A 24-hour vigil is underway at the state Capitol in Albany over raising the minimum wage. 
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