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Suspicious Death In Lewis County Under Investigation
Posted by news on 11/30/2015 9:47:00 AM.

State Police are investigating a suspicious death in the Lewis County Village of Croghan and whether or not the death is connected to unknown chemicals found in the apartment.

Police have identified the body as that of 31 year old Travis Murphy, who resided at 6919 George St. in the village. Police became aware of the situation after Murphy's girlfriend reported to them that she had not heard from him in some time. The body was discovered Saturday afternoon, but was not removed until Sunday after several unknown chemicals were found inside Murphy's apartment. The residence was evacuated and a state police response team that deals with hazardous chemicals was called in. Those officers determined that a powdered substance found in the apartment was not methamphetamine. Just what the substance was and what was going on in the apartment remains unknown and under investigation this morning. An autopsy on Murphy is scheduled.

Travis Murphy, Croghan