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"Clown" Threats Called A Hoax
Posted by news on 10/1/2016 8:09:00 AM.

Watertown City School District are calling reported threats a hoax even though a number of parents still pulled their children out of the middle and high schools yesterday.

Superintendent Terry Fralick said there were reports of an active shooter on the campus as well as a sighting of a clown outside the high school, although those reports are not credible. He added that the reports first surfaced early Friday morning in the high school and middle school and grew as time went on. Unconfirmed reports had over 100 students leaving school early. Watertown is the latest school to deal with reports of "creepy clowns," an phenomena that has affected parts of the U.S. The St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is currently conducting an investigation involving Facebook threats from the Edwards-Knox, Potsdam and Hermon-DeKalb high schools. There have been reports around the United States about scary clowns frightening people, which have apparently morphed into threats on social media that have prompted lockdowns at schools as well as high absentee rates among students.

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