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Victim Was Likely Alive When Set On Fire
Posted by news on 1/14/2017 9:23:00 AM.

Randy Bent was likely still alive when Kyle Box allegedly set him on fire according to testimony yesterday in Box's murder trial in Jefferson County Court.

7 News reported that forensic pathologist Dr. Samuel Livingstone took the stand yesterday, stating that Bent's autopsy showed 46 stab wounds, including slashes to his head and what appeared to be a deep cigarette burn on his stomach. The autopsy found it was a large stab wound to his neck that hit two major arteries that led to his death, however, Dr. Livingstone said Bent was likely still alive, at least briefly, after Box allegedly set him on fire as soot was found in Bent's airways and lungs. The trial of the 19 year old West Carthage man continues on Tuesday.

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