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Police arrest several suspects on meth charges in Lewis County
Posted by news on 4/14/2017 4:42:00 AM.
In the last few weeks, police in Lewis County have arrested six people, five of whom are facing meth charges.

On March 23, 20-year-old Charles Wareham was charged after he was found to have meth in the vehicle he was riding in in Turin.

A week later, state police claim to have found two grams of meth, digital scales, marijuana, and weapons inside the Lyons Falls home of 34-year-old Victor Ehlers.

And earlier this month, 35-year-old Anthony Pickel, 21-year-old Dylan Babcock and 30-year-old Ashley Johnson were arrested after officers say they had just finished cooking meth in a Martinsburg home.

The five suspects are all facing a variety of drug and other charges.

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