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Despite Walczyk's questions, Watertown City Council votes for budget
Posted by news on 6/6/2017 4:36:00 AM.
Telling us, "the taxpayers of Watertown would have benefited from my questions and observations," Councilman Mark Walczyk voted against the latest city of Watertown budget Monday night.

But despite 30 minutes of heated debate, where according to the Watertown Daily Times, Mayor Joe Butler Jr. said Walczyk was "putting on a show" and Councilman Stephen Jennings said Walczyk "was wasting everybody's time," the $42.7 million spending plan did pass.

Councilman Walczyk missed a majority of budget deliberations due to a committment to the military reserves and indicated he wanted answers as to why the plan would go over the state's tax cap.

With the budget approved, taxes will go up about 3.6 percent and there will be increased fees on several city-releated activities.

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