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Big changes coming to Washington Street in Watertown
Posted by news on 6/13/2017 5:18:00 AM.
Some changes are coming to Washington Street near the Watertown City School District complex designed to help keep students safe.

The Watertown Daily Times reports that the stretch of road will be cut to two lanes with a turning lane by some point before the next school year. City Council also agreed to cut the crosswalks on that part of Washington from five to three, add a traffic light by Barben Ave, change driveway setups for a few businesses in the area, and create two formal bus stops at two intersections.

The City has reportedly worked with the state in the Pedestrian Safety Initiative, which will pay for the bulk of the projects.

The push comes after a driver hit a student walking to school earlier this academic year. There have also been a number of close calls on that portion of Washington for years.


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