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City of Watertown attorney says taxpayers will still save despite three-year legal battle with fire department
Posted by news on 10/11/2017 4:42:00 AM.
Over $470,000: that's how mucht he city of Watertown has spent on attorney fees in its contract fight with the fire department.

The talks are stalled on minimum manning, something the city wants to cut.
In a separate issue, the city lost another court battle regarding the demotino of eight fire captains. New York's highest court will not hear the matter, meaning it now likely will go to arbitration, which the city has been fighting.
Despite a three-year fight, mounting legal fees and court losses, the lawyer representing the city, Terry O'Neil, told 7 News by cutting back in the fire department the savings for taxpayers "will far exceed the one-shot expenses of these legal battles we're having now."
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