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Halloween 'display' creates anger in St. Lawrence County
Posted by news on 10/13/2017 4:27:00 AM.
Was it a Halloween display or a racist message? Michelle Cross of Parishville told the Watertown Daily Times her front-yard setup featuring figures in white sheets surrounding a gorilla hanging from a noose was the creation of something she saw online.

After a photo of the display ended up on Facebook, many people called it racist and offensive.
Cross is dating Brian Phillips, whose 12-year-old nephew Garrett was murdered back in 2011.
Last year, Oral "Nick" Hillary, a black man, was found not guilty of the killing.
Cross told the Times her Halloween decorations had nothing to do with race, the KKK, and they weren't a reference to Hillary. She has since moved the gorilla out of the noose and put it in a chair.
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