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Watertown City Council: Incumbent and challengers divided on fire department
Posted by news on 10/18/2017 4:35:00 AM.
The line is clear beween the incumbents and the challengers when it comes to the race for Watertown City Council.

Recently, it was learned that among the fire union demands in its three-year contract battle with the city were 3.5 to 4-percent raises and bonuses for not using sick time.
Current Council member and candidate Teresa Macaluso told 7 News that firefighters were being "unreasonable."
The challengers--Lisa Ruggiero, Ryan Henry-Wilkinson and Cliff Olney--all indicated that demands were apart of a give-and-take.
Macaluso, along with fellow incumber and write-in candidate Stephen Jennings, are advocates for cutting back in the fire department, while the challengers have been outspoken about striking a deal sooner rather than later.
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