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Changing city charter comes up again in race for Watertown Council
Posted by news on 10/24/2017 4:33:00 AM.
"I think people are unhappy with the city manager." That's what Watertown City Council candidate Ryan Henry-Wilkinson said to the Watertown Daily Times.

Wilkinson, who is one of four candidates running two open seats on council, has been out in front on wanting to change the current government layout. He supports a so-called "strong mayor form" which would make the position full time and eliminate the need for a city manager.
Incumbent Teresa Macaluso, one of the candidates in the race is against the initiative.
The two other challengers, Lisa Ruggiero and Cliff Olney, both support the notion but told the Times that it's a topic worth exploring after the election.
The same goes for mayor Joe Butler Jr., who said exploring the option weeks before people fill out ballots is "ridiculous."
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