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Report: Watertown attorney won't bill for any legal fallout after city broke from fire department contract
Posted by news on 11/10/2017 4:08:00 AM.
The fallout continues in the wake of Watertown City Council breaking from the contract with the fire department.

Monday night, in executive session, lawmakers voted on a directive to no longer allow Chief Dale Herman t
o call for backup if three or fewer firefighters call in sick. It's a way to bypass stalled contract talks and change the minimum staffing level to 13 instead of 15, a number in the current contract.

The fire department says it will have to shutdown the heavy rescue truck for the first time in 30 years because of the move.

Councilmembers Cody Horbacz and Mark Walczyk tell us they did not support the directive during executive session. 

But why would Watertown officials make this move now? Well, according to 7 News, the city will not be billed by its attorney for any legal fights come from breaking the contract with the fire department.

This as it's been previously reported that the legal bills for the three-year contract dispute are hovering near half of a million dollars.

Officials told 7 News that by making this change, the city will save in overtime costs.

Moving forward, however, News Director Matt McClusky has learned that the fire department union will likely file as many as six grievances due to the breach in contract.
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