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Stephens Media Group News Director Matt McClusky's book 'The Bucks Started and Stopped Here' is now available in paperback
Posted by news on 11/15/2017 4:13:00 AM.
If you've ever wanted to be the general manager of a professional baseball team, full of dreams about assembling a championship-winning roster, then the low-ranking minors isn't the place for you.
It takes a special kind of crazy to try and make any kind of pro sports team work. That goes double for independent baseball teams trying to make a go of it in Smalltown, USA.
It was all sorts of crazy for the Watertown Bucks back in the summer of 2015. Playing in a city where baseball has a history dating back over 80 years, Watertown also has the stigma of being the place where the sport has gone to die. "The Bucks Started and Stopped Here: A wild ride inside the world of independent baseball" details the struggles of trying to overcome the past, overcome the long odds overwhelmingly stacked against, and get through the surreal drama of trying to bring baseball back to upstate New York.

Author Matt McClusky gives a firsthand account of how the Bucks were formed, and how the team endured a year of leagues folding, buses dying, and players living like vagabonds all to eventually crown a champion on the diamond.
And that might be the lasting legacy, because of all the leagues that formed in the summer of '15, the only one way to actually complete a season was the league that was created on the fly in little old Watertown, New York.
"The Bucks Started and Stopped Here" is now available online by clicking here. There are also limited copies for sale locally, and you can simply email Matt at to purchase a book. Matt will also be signing copies at the Reading Room int he Salmon Run Mall in early December.
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