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Petition started to support changing Watertown's Public Square
Posted by news on 1/8/2018 4:50:00 AM.
A petition online is asking people to support a redesign of Watertown's Public Square.

Cliff Olney, who lost a bid for one of two open seats on Watertown's City Council this past fall, started the petition with a goal of seeing the Square reconfigured to better handle pedestrians.
Olney created the petition on his Facebook page, telling the the Watertown Daily Times that the Square is currently a "race track" due to the traffic pattern. He says he would like to see it changed over to help people attempting to shop or find a place to eat.
Over the last couple of months, city and state officials have looked at at using some of a $10 million state grant to switch the south side of the Square into a so-called piazza, complete with a one-way lane for traffic.
The plan would make that section more of a pedistrian shopping area, and would close off a portion of Franklin Street. A previous proposal to completely cut the southside off from traffic drew major backlash.
The hope for Olney is that the more recent proposal receives better public feedback which could help put the project into motion.
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