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Watertown City Manager to Council: be prepared to exceeded the tax cap in the next budget
Posted by news on 1/10/2018 4:17:00 AM.
"You've already exceeded the tax cap. We've already exceeded our tax cap." The message delivered by Watertown City Manager Sharon Addison to Council Monday night.
This as Watertown lawmakers have plans to revive the Thompson Park Pool and eventually follow a state mandate and build a new courthouse.
According to 7 News, though, Addison says pay raises for employees alone will cause the city to go past the tax cap. And paying for everything could lead to layoffs and cuts in services, a warning Addison gave the old Council just last year.
Current members Ryan Henry-Wilkinson and Lisa Ruggiero both told 7 News decisions will have to be made, but that there is time to hammer the budget details out in the coming months.
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