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Fightin' tweets: Councilman Walczyk takes to social media to dispute Watertown's alleged budget crunch
Posted by news on 1/11/2018 4:35:00 AM.
A couple of days after major changes were threatened due to a budget crunch in Watertown, a city lawmaker took to Twitter to fire back.

Monday night, Sharon Addison said an override of the tax cap, as well as layoffs and cuts in services might be needed to pass the next spending plan. Wednesday, City Councilman Mark Walczyk answered back, tweeting, "(t)he city is hoarding your tax dollars with $11 million in the rainy day fund. I will not support a budget that exceeds the tax cap."
Walczyk also ripped city staff for a failed attempt to buy the Golf Club at Thompson Park last spring, calling it a "scheme."
The budget battle is heating up as the new-look council recently voted in favor of reviving the Thompson Park pool and still will have to pay for a state-mandated new courtroom.
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