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City of Watertown preparing to battle invasive beetle
Posted by news on 2/14/2018 5:10:00 AM.
Watertown is preparing its defense in case of an attack from the Emerald Ash Borrer.

That's the beetle known to destroy ash trees throughout the country.
It's been spotted in neighboring areas like Oswego and St. Lawrence counties. Some municipalities in St. Lawrence County have already cut down older ash trees as a way to prevent the Emerald Ash Borrer from causing noticable damage.
Meanwhile, the Watertown Daily Times reports Watertown officials are developing a program to better deal with the beetle. There are reportedly 320 ash trees in the city, many of which are considered to be in good shape and will likely be protected.
The beetle could be in Watertown within the next decade as it continues to invade areas nationwide.
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