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Northside Improvement League to sell former headquarters in Watertown to developer
Posted by news on 2/16/2018 4:03:00 AM.
It's official: The Northside Improvement League can sell its former headquarters.

A judge ruled that the non-profit has legal standing to sell its property. Which clears the way for developer Mike Lundy to purchase the building located on Mill Street in the city of Watertown.
Previously, Lundy had an agreement in place in 2014, but he recently took the Northside Improvement League to court because it had accepted a separate purchase offer from businessman Jake Johnson.
While the suit was working its way through court, Lundy made another offer of $325,000--$100,000 more than Johnson's.
Going forward, 7 News reports Lundy is will likely close on the property by early spring.
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