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Krol picked (again) to help find new Watertown City Manager
Posted by news on 2/21/2018 4:51:00 AM.
A familiar face will help the Watertown lawmakers find a new city manager.

City Council agreed to hire John Krol at the price of $12,000 to assist in finding Sharon Addison's replacement.
Krol previously was brought in by councilmembers in 2012 to find former City Manager Mary Corriveau's successor, which ended up being Addison. Last month, however, the new-look City Council voted to move on from Addison, who is expected to stay on in the role of manager until her contract expires at the end of June.
Councilman Cody Horbacz advocates for having resumes from potential candidates be in for review by May 18.
John Krol, Watertown, City Manager