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Dog park might be back on Watertown City Council's radar, again
Posted by news on 3/12/2018 4:46:00 AM.
Is the city of Watertown ever going to have a dog park, and if so, where would it go?

Supporters have been pushing for a park for years, likely to be housed in Thompson Park, but it's been an odd source of controversy.
Previous City Council members voted in favor of creating one off Factory Street, that plan, however, never received much support and ultimately was scrapped.
Money raised for that version of the dog park has been held by an organization in the city--ready to be used if and when a park will be constructed.
Now, three council members have all said they support the move and the idea of putting it in Thompson Park. With Councilwoman Lisa Ruggiero telling 7 News she wants specific details on cost and timelines to create a dog park in order for it to actually come to vote.
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