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Colorful Crosswalks not coming for Watertown
Posted by news on 3/12/2018 4:51:00 AM.
Colorful crosswalks have likely been crossed off for the city of Watertown.

Previously, City Council member Mark Walczyk suggested changing the color of some city crosswalks as a way to make them more noticable to pedestrians and motorists, as well as to give them an unique look.
One idea floated was painting the walkways near Watertown High purple, the color of the school's athletic teams.
But according to the Watertown Daily Times, the City Engineer says crosswalks are regulated by federal guidelines and that changing them certain colors has been shown to create a "false sense of security."
They can be painted, however, with the Times reporting they can be red, rust, brown, burgundy or even tan.
Councilman Walczyk reportedly joked that Mayor Joe Butler Jr., of Irish decent, can't even have green crosswalks in honor of the upcoming St. Patricks' Day celebration.
Changing up the colors of certain crosswalks will likely be discussed by council moving forward.
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